How MD Omni Works

The Doctor Will Be Seen by You Now.

That’s our motto and that’s what MD Omni does for you.

Let’s say you want a list of doctors nearest to where you are—you can search by zip code or city. A list of doctors in that city or zip code will then come up.

If you want a certain type of doctor—an orthopedist, a cardiologist, a neurologist—choose one of those specialties and a list of those specialists nearest you will come up.

Or let’s say you don’t have a doctor’s name and you don’t know what specialist you want but you have a pain in your ankle or you’re having difficulty breathing. Go to our What’s Ailing You? section, type in or say “Ankle pain” or “Breathing difficulty” and—voila!—your search will then provide you with doctors who specialize in those areas.

Whatever your concern, whatever your medical or health issue is, MD Omni will help you find the right doctor—the right doctor closest to where you are—to meet your needs. Quickly and easily.

And what we’re trying to do is give you the most basic info about a doctor: their name, their specialty, where they are and, when doctors provide us with additional information, other basics such as their photo and their contact info, and, best of all, their website (if they have one).