What Ails You?

Notice how we did not title this as “Conditions” or “Symptoms.” That’s because this is merely the quickest way we could think of for you to locate on your body where it is something’s bothering you. Type or say “Knee” and either “General Practitioner” or “Orthopedist” will come up. Type or say “Eyes” and it’ll likely give you “Ophthalmologist.” And so on.

This is not, however, a guide for you to self-diagnose or figure out who best to see if you have certain symptoms. That’s because that’s not what this site is about. MD Omni wants to get you to the nearest doctor, and we hope, to the doctor who’s most right for you (for what’s hurting), as quickly as possible. That’s it.

MD Omni does not, though, tell you what might be wrong with you. Or suggest in any way who the best doctor is to see. That’s not our job.

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courtesy labnol.org